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Underfloor Heating Newbury

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The majority of modern underfloor heating systems are warm water systems, which integrate high tech plastic pipe either within or just below the floor. Water at a temperature of around 34°C is circulated through the pipes and this warms the floor to a surface temperature of 25-28°C, about the same temperature as the palm of your hand. This is what makes underfloor heating so naturally comfortable.

Radiator Heating system.
Underfloor Heating System

The heat generated by radiators is transferred from a small surface area far hotter than the space it is heating. By comparison, wet underfloor heating transfers heat from a very large surface area, which is only slightly warmer than the room. Modern underfloor heating systems are economical to run, virtually maintenance free and utilise effective controls. They provide the most comfortable all round warmth of any heating system.

Maincor Wet Underfloor Heating

Radiant energy emitted by the floor is partly reflected by each surface and partly absorbed. Where it is absorbed, that surface becomes a secondary emitter .After a while, all surfaces become secondary emitters. Furnishings themselves radiate energy and the room becomes evenly and uniformly warmed. The energy reaches into every corner of the room – no cold spots, no hot ceilings and no cold feed.

Underfloor Heating Installation Techniques

The ground floor installation technique involves pipework laid inside the solid screed layer making up the floor. The pipes are clipped to the rigid foil backed insulation, with a 75mm screed poured on top. A foam edge insulation strip is installed around the perimeter of each room, to allow the expansion and contraction of the screed once heated. 1st floor installation technique is different to that of the ground floor. 1st floor installations consist of aluminium spreader plates with the underfloor heating pipes laid inside, heavy duty nailed to the underside of the wooden floor. These spreader plates are installed from below so no hold up is caused to the timber frame supplier or builder. Manifolds are positioned on each floor with their own circulating pump to give pumping capacity to all the water within the heating pipes.dry-floor-05 Every system is individually designed, and when using renewable heating sources such as heat pumps, different considerations are made to the type of pipe, layout and detailing of the system to ensure it all runs correctly and efficiently. Always bear in mind that as installers, we can pick and choose from a number of different installation techniques. We will assess every situation and recommend a system that suits the client and the property.